14 Distribution Articles to Help You Launch Your Release

Music Distribution
14 Distribution Articles to Help You Launch Your Release

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Music streaming services completely revolutionized the way artists sell music online.

Today millions of people pay to subscribe to streaming platforms. 

Distribution is your chance to get in on the action and get paid every time your track is streamed.

Publishing music on streaming platforms is exciting, but it can be a little bit complicated and stressful.

Get fast, insightful support and promotional tips, tools and tricks and distribution to 100+ music streaming platforms when you release your tracks with LANDR. Release a track.

To get you on the right path we’ve categorized fourteen useful articles into three topics:


Putting your release on streaming platforms

Picking the right distributor and successfully getting your tracks on a streaming platform isn’t always cut and dried.

These articles clearly explain the steps you need to take to successfully launch your release.

1. Everything Musicians Need to Know about Music Distribution

This is the most comprehensive post we have for anyone actively looking to distribute their music.

Here’s an in-depth look at every service provider on the market.


2. How to Release an Album: The 10 Step Music Distribution Checklist

From start to finish, this is your guide to releasing a single or album on every music streaming platform.

3. How to Get Your Music on TikTok in 5 Steps

Tik Tok is the hottest new social media platform, but it’s also a streaming platform that pays artists.

Here’s how to get your music on Tik Tok and get paid for your next viral hit.

4. How to Release a Cover Song: The 5 Step Cover Licensing Checklist

Releasing a cover song can be more complicated than you might think.

Here’s how you can obtain a license and make sure all the royalty holders are getting compensated.

5. Audio Formats: Everything Musicians Need to Know For Picking the Right File

Streaming services have specific requirements for what they’ll put on their platforms. Pick the wrong audio format and your track could get rejected.

To keep that from happening, here’s everything you need to know about audio formats for streaming platforms.

6. Music Distribution: 7 Common Mistakes Musicians Make

If you want to know what not to do, here’s seven common areas where artists go wrong when releasing music on streaming platforms.

Keep this article in mind and you won’t mess up your big release.


Marketing your release

Once you choose a distribution provider it’s time to plan a promotion strategy around your release.

Here’s everything you need to plan for pre and post-launch.

7. Music Marketing: The 8 Step Digital Music Marketing Plan

Get an eight-step plan for launching your release.

Here’s everything you need in your marketing plan from the early stages up until post-launch.

8. 6 Important Dates to Add to Your Release Calendar

Whenever you release a song on streaming platforms you need to have a plan in the run-up to your launch.

Here’s six important dates to plan in advance of your big release.

9. Metadata for Musicians: What It Is and Why It’s Vital

Metadata is how your music gets found on streaming service, so getting it right is key for getting streamed.

Here’s everything you need to know.

10. How to Make the Best Spotify Artist Profile

Once your music is on Spotify (or Apple Music) you can’t just sit back and expect the streams to roll in, you have to put some work into engaging with fans. 

Learn how to claim your Spotify profile and keep it up to date.

11. 5 Things You Should Share With Your Fans Besides Your Music

When you don’t have new music to share with your followers, you’ll need to reach for something else to feed your feeds.

Check out our tips for what to share with your fans other than your music.


Get inspired about your next release

Putting out a new album or single is always an exciting moment.

Here’s why you should be inspired no matter what you’re releasing.

12. Why Streaming Will Never Kill The Album Format

The album format will never die, in fact, they might be more important than ever.

This article explains why albums are still key and totally worth making in the age of streaming.

13. Why You Don’t Need a Record Label

Digital distribution has made it possible for artists to release music independently and find success without the help of a record label.

If you’re stressed out about not finding a label to partner with for your release, here’s why your stress might be misplaced.

14. How To Successfully Distribute Your Music On a Tight Budget

Getting your tracks out for the world to hear may seem expensive. The good news is that by budgeting and sticking to a plan you can release for a low cost.

Here’s your guide to distributing music on a tight budget.

Gently down the stream

Streaming is a powerful tool that gives you access to new fans, promotion channels, and even money.

It’s a worthwhile investment, especially because it’s so simple to get your tracks distributed internationally.

Now that you have everything you need to plan and promote a successful launch, it’s your time to shine and put out something special.

Congratulations and good luck on your next release.